Notice what is around you – enjoy the beauty of the simple things – understand them – contribute to their preservation

NaPrirode by Irina Kozban

NaPrirode is an environmental project in Hamburg, Germany.

Explore the natural environment in which we live by joining guided nature tours and participating in educational activities. Get closer to nature and learn more about the goals and challenges of its conservation.

Hi there!

My name is Irina, and I am the creator of NaPrirode. I am a big nature lover and environmental project coordinator.

In my professional career, I have contributed to preserving the natural environment for two major reasons. First, nature is simply fascinating. And second, I want to live in a world where I can hear birds singing and can safely swim in the nearest lake. I believe that more people should discover how amazing and important the simple things around us are.

Through NaPrirode  – which in my native Russian language means “outdoors, in nature” – I would like to help others connect with nature, understand it, enjoy it and care for it more. On my website, you can find out more about me and my current projects.


Irina Kozban - founder of the NaPrirode environmental project in Hamburg

What I offer

I strongly believe that nature is a great power that can unite people! No matter where we come from, what background we have, or what languages we speak, we can join our positive energies and work together on exploring, protecting and preserving our environment.

For this reason, I created the NaPrirode environmental project in Hamburg. I offer guided nature tours as well as environmental education and awareness-raising activities. I also provide professional consultancy services.

My blog

My thoughts and news to share

Birds in Hamburg

Among the German cities, Hamburg stands out by the largest bird diversity – there are around 160 avian species registered here. Let’s explore what helps the birds feel quite comfortable in the metropolitan city. Read More "Birds in Hamburg"

Taking care of bees

With the arrival of spring and summer why not do a bit of gardening: set up a small veggie garden or arrange a couple of pretty flowerbeds? Apart from the practical benefits and aesthetics it will also help to protect various species of insects including bees. Read More "Taking care of bees"

Good news on saving endangered species

This is a post full of happiness and hopes: according to the recent analysis of the global conservation efforts, in the past 25-30 years the extinction of at least 28 bird and mammal species was prevented. Read More "Good news on saving endangered species"

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