Environmental education

Environmental education

Environmental education and awareness-raising are essential for more sustainable and nature-friendly living. Since my student times, I have participated in initiatives for children and youth that aimed at helping them develop a deeper understanding of environmental issues and learn to make informed and responsible decisions. It was always fun for me to work on the concepts and content, but also to co-organise and run the events! Therefore, I have continued this work in Hamburg.

New project in Hamburg started!
Intergation through environmental education

In order for it to be effective, environmental education has to address a diverse target audience. In 2022, together with the Loki Schmidt Stiftung and with the financial support of the Homann Stiftung we are running a series of events under the motto “Exploring nature together”. Our aim is to include non-German speakers of different age in the local “green” agenda.

Through this project, we want to help people with immigration background who are not yet fluent in German language to get a stronger connection to Hamburg. We believe that natural environment is an excellent setting for that! We invite participants to explore the city’s hidden green treasures, wonderful landscapes and diversity of birds and animal species. But our project is much more than that. It gives opportunity to spend time outdoors, to learn, discuss, meet people and practice the language.
Check more about the project “Integration durch Umweltbildung” and join the group! The participation is free of charge.

And of course, you can always learn more about nature with my nature walking tours in Hamburg and surroundings.

If you are interested in my educational projects or have any questions – feel free to contact me!