Irina Kozban - Sustainable Resource Management Consultancy

Irina Kozban
M.Sc. Sustainable Resource Management

In over 7 years working in international cooperation and development, I have participated in numerous projects in the fields of sustainability, environmental protection, and nature conservation. In my professional roles, I have contributed to the acquisition, management, and implementation of several projects and their related research. I have worked as an environmental professional at a consulting company, UN agencies, and an international NGO.

Recently, I have started working as a freelance author and nature guide. I created NaPrirode as a way to share my passion for raising awareness of environmental issues with other professionals and the general public.

For more information on my professional background please see my LinkedIn profile.

How can I be helpful?                                                                            

Creating and implementing ideas are my strengths. I can support you in tasks that require research and analysis, writing skills, and a creative touch. My skills include:

  • designing project concepts;
  • preparing project proposals;
  • writing reports;
  • preparing publications, including translations;
  • project communication.

Furthermore, I can assist you in the realization of your ideas by:

  • monitoring your project throughout the entire cycle of implementation;
  • inititating and carrying out specific project activities such as studies, surveys, and capacity-building measures;
  • organizing public events.

Fields of specialization in consultancy

Based on my professional experiences and personal interests, I am happy to focus specifically on the topics of:

  • Nature conservation: protected areas; interpretive trails; urban biodiversity; green belts and green spaces;
  • Raising awareness and education for sustainable development: interaction with less-targeted groups such as foreigners and multicultural groups; peer-to-peer education; education for adults.

I am also enthusiastic about exploring other environmental topics and am open to suggestions.

Feel free to contact me if I can be helpful in bringing your ideas to life.