Hamburg Guided Nature Tours

Hamburg Guided Nature Tours

Hamburg with its abundance of water and green spaces is a great example of how a big modern city can incorporate its natural environment. It offers a lot for those who want to spend time relaxing, enjoying the great outdoors, and exploring nature. I invite you to join me on Hamburg guided nature tours to discover the city’s natural environment and learn more about how to care for it.

Hamburg guided nature tours are suitable for locals and tourists, for families and individuals of all ages. I offer these tours in Russian and English, and am currently preparing a version in simple German for all those who experience the language barrier. I’ll be happy to meet you on one of my tours!

Hamburg guided nature tours

  • 3-hour walking tour
  • Gain insight into the natural features of Hamburg
  • Learn what factors shape the appearance of the city, see examples of how nature fits into the urban space, and get to know the animal and bird species that live here

  • 1,5-hour walking tour
  • Get to know one of Hamburg’s most extraordinary landscapes
  • Learn about the history of this unique area, its natural features, and what role man played in its formation

Photo by Amir La Lenia on Unsplash